Lazer Us: The Legend of Jimi Lazer


Jimi Lazer (Robbie Beniuk) is the leader of a Christian rock band named Lazer Us, but on the night of a major gig, he disappears. Rather than waiting to be discovered, Jimi makes a dangerous deal for a guitar that promises to make all of his wildest dreams come true. Now, twenty-seven years later, his old manager named Freedom (Patrick Mitchell) finally tracks him down and convinces him to find the hidden pieces of his guitar, reconcile with his band members, and return to The Moose concert venue, where he abandoned them.

Awarded Best Film in the adventure category at the Manhattan Film Festival, Lazer Us: The Legend of Jimi Lazer is full of action, mystery, and suspense that asks, “Who are you going to be when your dreams don’t come true?”

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