Jack London’s Son of the Wolf

From America’s beloved best-selling author of White Fang and Call of the Wild comes a new adventure, Jack London’s Son of the Wolf.
Son of the Wolf takes the best of Jack London’s books and many short stories, and puts them into one epic adventure movie. Dog fights, bare knuckle boxing, an 1899 mining town, man verse nature, a Native American village, a love story with a beautiful young Native woman, and a fight to the death to win her hand, inside a ring of fire.
Follow Jack and his dog, an amazing half wolf, half shepherd, as they go on the most epic of all Jack London adventures! This is London as his work was originally intended, harsh, gritty, and real.

Directed by Joel Paul Reisig
Starring Joel Paul Reisig, Andrew Dawe-Collins, Sheena Coenen, Zek Meirthew