God & Salsa


Synopsis: Raquel is a therapist, and a divorced, single mother in shock over her daughter’s suicide. Shane is a self-destructive teenager whose parents are in the middle of a nasty divorce. Both are angry, hurting, and seeking answers. When Shane’s self-destructive behavior almost costs him his life, the court orders therapy and Raquel is assigned to the case.  Now, in order to help Shane, Raquel must face her grief, let go of guilt and forgive herself, but Shane doesn’t want her help. Forced to collide and in completely different stages of their lives, they must find a way to communicate. With help from God, a dance instructor, a wise elder nun, and a father who won’t give up, Raquel and Shane realize they just might have a second chance. When in life, you meet someone who understands your exact pain because they have lived it, your eyes open to the lifeline God has sent you.  “There is… a time to mourn and a time to dance.” “God & Salsa” the embodiment of Ecclesiastes 3:4.

Directed By: Jess Thomas

Starring: Jovanna Vidal, Javier Luna, Sarah Hernandez, Brian Fortuna