Genesis 7: Twelve DVD Set

Take an out-of-this-world odyssey with the space program of the future! In the tradition of The Magic School Bus, this adventure-filled series educates young space cadets about the solar system as it follows the Genesis 7 spacecraft and its lander fondly known as “Little G.” Piloted by Lt. Donton Andrews under the command of his uncle, Captain Enoch Andrews, and the captain’s niece, imaging specialist Priscilla Andrews, the craft embarks on a year-long examination of the solar system. Throughout their fact-finding mission, communications specialist Lt. Abby Jennings and her ground crew work hard from Genesis Command to ensure their success.

An entertaining series that follows a trio of space explorers on an eye-opening journey to fuel their program’s mission of bringing glory to God beyond the firmament of the heavens, Genesis 7 includes bonus educational materials such as vocabulary and maps. Each episode runs approximately 25 minutes.

12 DVD Set Includes:
Episode One – The Mission
Episode Two – Journey to the Sun
Episode Three – Unexpected Return
Episode Four – To Venus
Episode Five – Mars Landing
Episode Six – Into the Trenches of Mars
Episode Seven – The Storms of Jupiter
Episode Eight – Saturn: Ringed World
Episode Nine – The Icy World of Uranus
Episode Ten – Blue Neptune
Episode Eleven – The Kuiper Belt
Episode Twelve – Beyond the Interstellar Medium


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