Destiny Road


Each of us walks the path of time and meets our destiny. But sometimes, during this journey, the circumstances of life seem to swallow us up, and we end up getting lost. Frank is a dedicated religious leader who becomes obsessed with power and ambition. Jeremiah is petty thief, a result of a dysfunctional family. He gives up school and learns to fend for himself from the “school of the streets”. Elizabeth was raised by an overprotective mother, she gets married to her High School sweetheart and all seems to be perfect. But she soon finds her self caught between her mother and her true love. Three different stories, three people seeking the same answer to life’s dilemmas: how to begin to chart a new course and change their destiny.

Directed By: Robert C. Treveiler
Key Cast: Daniel Zacapa, Thunderbird Dinwiddie, Zoe Myers