Boys of Valor: Four DVD Set

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A superhero team of brothers fights evil in four faith-based adventures for kids. Armed with faith lasers, special martial arts skills, and the power of the Holy Bible, the young and courageous Boys of Valor protect their friends and the community from dangers that range from the terrible Evil Bots to the bully on the street corner.

Throughout each entertaining episode, the brothers teach literacy, math, and science skills while instilling Christian values in young viewers. An action-packed animated series, the Boys of Valor: Four DVD Set is full of inspiration and entertainment for the entire family.

Volume One
“The Spirit of Division,” “Anger,” “Physical Science”

Volume Two
“The Rescue,” “Mr. Gun Control,” “Full Throttle,” “Alphabet”

Volume Three
“Thankful Heart,” “Multiplication,” “Ninja Vanish,” “On the Couch”

Volume Four
“Captain Doubt,” “Positive Faith”

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