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As a premium online Christian media supplier, Bridgestone Multimedia Group™ distributes a wide range of products from smaller production companies and independent filmmakers. Dedicated to nurturing and furthering the religious film and media industry, Bridgestone Multimedia Group™ is often the exclusive distributor of films before they gain mainstream popularity.

BMG partners can also access our FTP site with the click of a button. Simply click on the link below for access to all the materials you need, including DVD product descriptions, high-resolution photos, 3D-DVD graphics, trailers, and web-ready images. To obtain a username and password for our FTP site, please contact us today.

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Calling All Christian DVD Retailers and Filmmakers

Distribute our products. Once you are convinced Bridgestone Multimedia Group™ has the Christian entertainment your store needs, contact us today to take the first step to becoming a BMG retailer.

Submit your video. Bridgestone Multimedia Group™ is always looking for new family-friendly filmmakers who seek to spread the message of God through their work. If you would like BMG to review your film, please contact us today.