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David Barton Creates 4th American History Documentary Series

(Rock Rapids, Iowa) – Special guests Glenn Beck, Rick Green, Dr. Carol M. Swain, and Congresswoman Michele Bachmann explore the America our Founding Fathers envisioned in Foundations of Freedom, the fourth documentary series now available from renowned historian David Barton.

From the formation of American law and the judicial system to biblically-based economics, science, and government, discover how our Founding Fathers used the Bible as a blueprint for America’s freedoms and build your faith in our nation’s future with Foundations of Freedom. Containing nine hours spread across 18 episodes, this six DVD set also covers political integrity, great American myths, manners, civility, and much more.

The new DVD series is the latest effort by Barton to preserve America’s biblical beginnings. The ordained preacher is also a highly demanded speaker, author of several books on United States history, and a frequent guest on political TV and radio shows.

Foundations of Freedom is now on sale for $74.99 from Bridgestone Multimedia Group through the Christianbook Group. The American Heritage Series, The American Heritage Collection, and Building on the American Heritage Series also are available from David Barton at

The Sugar Creek Gang Series: 5 DVD Set

Based on the best-selling children’s book series by Paul Hutchens, The Sugar Creek Gang Series chronicles the adventures of Bill Collins, Poetry, Circus, Dragonfly, Big Jim, Little Jim, and the rest of the residents of Sugar Creek. Join the gang as they scramble to get to the bottom of who poisoned their substitute teacher’s prized horse, discover what a bank robbery, map, and swamp have in common, try to keep a cave by the cemetery all to themselves, and more.

With stories taken from the pages of the book series, as well as new original adventures, The Sugar Creek Gang Series: 5 DVD Set features five charming episodes for the whole family, including Swamp Robber, The Great Canoe Fish, Race Against Nightfall, Secret Hideout, and Teacher Trouble.

The American Heritage Series: Ten DVD Set

Discover the forgotten and astonishing story of our nation’s foundation in The American Heritage Series: Ten DVD Set. For centuries, Americans were taught a view of history that recognized the godly heroes and moral foundation upon which America was founded. However, in recent years, a secular version of history has re-written the moral and spiritual fiber of our nation and neglected many of those early teachings.

From the separation of church and state to the civil rights movement, from the heroism of our founding fathers to the building of our nation’s monuments, this Christian documentary series inspires Americans to reclaim the godly history of our nation. Containing all 26 episodes on ten DVDs, The American Heritage Series follows historian David Barton as he experiences the untold, true story of our nation’s history. America, this is your heritage!

This ten-DVD set includes:
·Episodes 1-3: “Why History Matters & Unearthing America’s Christian Foundations”
·Episodes 4-5: “The Faith of Our Founding Fathers”
·Episodes 6-8: “The Ideas that Birthed Our Nation, Our Biblical Constitution, & Is America a ‘Christian Nation’?”
·Episodes 9-10: “Church, State, & the Real First Amendment”
·Episodes 11-13: “Influence of the Bible in America & How Pastors Shaped Our Independence”
·Episodes 14-16: “When Religion Was Culture, Faith in Our Early Courts, & Myths of the Judiciary”
·Episodes 17-19: “Evidence of America’s Spiritual Heritage”
·Episodes 20-21: “Four Centuries of American Education”
·Episodes 22-24: “Great Black Patriots, From Bondage to the Halls of Congress, & The Civil Rights Movement”
·Episodes 25-26: “The Assault on Judeo-Christian Values & The Duty of a Free Citizen”

Building on the American Heritage Series

Historian David Barton is back with the second installment of the popular American Heritage Series. Accompanied by former legislator Rick Green, Barton traces America’s history back to the source and navigates our nation’s unique religious, moral, and constitutional heritage. In this six DVD set, the renowned Christian scholar uncovers forgotten stories and answers the questions Americans are asking today. As he invites us to examine our nation’s founding documents and discover the original intent of our founding fathers firsthand, Barton also encourages viewers to learn the truth of America’s past in order to shape its future.

Six DVD Set Includes:
Episode 1: Preserving America’s Heritage
Episode 2: Foundations of American Government
Episode 3: The Role of Government
Episode 4: Demystifying the Judicial System
Episode 5: America’s Lost Heroes: African American Patriots
Episode 6: Remarkable Young Americans
Episode 7: Civil Stewardship: Duty vs. Right
Episode 8: The Truth of American Exceptionalism
Episode 9: Changing a State and a Generation
Episode 10: Revival and Reformation
Episode 11: Social Justice
Episode 12: Politics in the Pulpit
Episode 13: Christians in the Civil Arena

Pahappahooey Island

After rescuing the Island of Pahappahooey from a terrible storm and discovering the Island’s greatest treasure – a book with the Creator’s words – Ali and her island friends embark on a series of wacky new adventures. Weather hunting for treasure, bowling at the banana-bowling alley, or throwing cream pies at the evil Ichabone Slink, our adventurous gang is always there to learn a valuable and hilarious lesson. Join Ali, the adventuring little girl, Hobbs the froggy captain, Hacksaw the inventor beaver, Millard, the treasure-hunting penguin, and Guiseppe and Mama Mia the crocodile chefs on Pahappahooey Island!

Click Here to Download the Episode Guides.

Episode List

Ep01 – The Road To Adventure
Ep02 – The Lost City
Ep03 – The Secret of the Book
Ep04 – Millard’s Big Fish Story
Ep05 – Hide it in Your Heart
Ep06 – Never Alone
Ep07 – The Good Island Samaritan
Ep08 – Bitter Tess
Ep09 – Super Millard
Ep10 – Unmerciful Kitchen Croc
Ep11 – A Bunch of Hooey
Ep12 – Banana Bowling Bonanza

Walking With C.S. Lewis

In this 10-segment video series filmed on-location in beautiful Oxford, England, individuals and small groups alike will walk through the life, writings, and impact of beloved author C. S. Lewis. This series, bundled with a companion guide and discussion leader’s guide, is ideal for gaining insight into Lewis’s works and paints an engaging portrait of the man whose ideas have shaped the thought and faith of millions of readers. You’ll visit historic sites from Lewis’s life, study sixteen of his most beloved books, and hear the story of how Lewis’s writings have impacted Tony Ash’s own life and faith.


  1. Mere Christianity
  2. Screwtape Letters
  3. The Problem Of Pain
  4. C.S. Lewis’s Life
  5. The Great Divorce
  6. Narnia Part 1
  7. Narnia Part 2
  8. The Space Trilogy
  9. A Grief Observed & The Weight Of Glory
  10. Why I Like C.S. Lewis

The Battle Of Bunker Hill

On the morning of June 17, 1775 Colonial Patriots await a battle in the heights above Boston Harbor. approaching are the English Redcoats, the most feared fighting force in the world! Low on water and ammunition, the ragged band of farmers-turned-militiamen face a daunting task. Can they protect the freedom of a new nation? Would their faith and courage be enough? In this epic and educational DocuDrama, Producer/Director Tony Malanowski brings THE BATTLE OF BUNKER HILL to life and launches Light a Candle Films’ groundbreaking series, AMERICA: HER PEOPLE, HER STORIES. Join the courageous defenders as you and your family take part in the first major conflict of the American Revolution, The Battle of Bunker Hill.

The Battle Of Bunker Hill discussion guides:


Kane Madison (Adam LaVorgna, 7th Heaven) works long hours as an architect trying to make a name for himself in a cutthroat industry. Kane’s young wife is sick and though he loves her deeply he’s at the office more than her bedside. In a parallel netherworld of spirit warriors, an ancient Ronin seeks wisdom even as he battles a legion of masked demons. Every slash of the Ronin’s sword mirrors Kane’s personal warfare and through their respective duels they grow stronger. Still, both are unprepared when tragedy strikes. In the end, Kane and the Ronin must fight their way to answers of faith and hope as they search for their true master.

Click here to download the MASTERLESS Journey discussion guide.

Watch the The MASTERLESS Journey: A Companion Video Series.

Sacred Vow

Doug and Amber were madly in love and married during their college years. Driven by the “dream” of a prosperous life together – Amber worked two jobs to put Doug through school. Soon after they soon shared in his business success and celebrated the birth of their precious, beautiful daughter. Fast forward 15 years – Amber has continued to be committed to her husband and their marriage, but Doug has fallen into the traps of an unfaithful spouse, convincing himself that he wants more out of life. In the midst of this turmoil, tragedy strikes, but the series of events that follows just might give this couple a chance to survive and once again regain the love for one another that was pledged in their sacred vows, 15 years earlier.


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The Return Is a Creative Parallel to the Salvation Story

(Rock Rapids, IA) – A creative parallel to the salvation story, The Return is a powerful fairy tale of forgiveness and faith now available on DVD from Bridgestone Multimedia Group.

Leah (Heather Ricks) lives as a thief in the village of Nod. Though she’s good at her art, most of the items she steals go to her evil master, Dybbuk (Ken T. Williams). However, Leah’s life begins to change when a hunter named Yadid (Simon Provan) arrives in the village.

Through a series of mysterious gifts and conversations, Leah discovers Yadid’s true identity. When she is betrayed by those closest to her and sentenced to death for her crimes, Leah discovers that even death can be overcome by the power of true unconditional love.

“The Return is an allegory that shares the salvation message in a beautiful way,” wrote Edwin L. Carpenter in his review for the Dove Foundation. “We are pleased to award the movie our Dove Faith-Friendly Seal for ages 12+. Join the villagers of Nod and wait for the master’s return!”

The lead roles include Heather Ricks as Leah, Ken T. Williams as Dybbuk, and Simon Provan as Yadid. The film also includes appearances from David Ruprecht, Rick Richter, Matt Koester, Joey Schumann, Josh Scheibe, and Charlie Hohenstein.

The Return is currently on sale for $14.99 from Bridgestone Multimedia Group through the Christianbook Group.