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Max Lucado Unpacks Psalm 23 in Traveling Light DVD Set

(Rock Rapids, IA) – Bestselling author and speaker Max Lucado brings his book Traveling Light to life in a new 18-part teaching series that unpacks the famous 23rd Psalm.

Through poignant teaching, real life stories, and laugh-out-loud interviews with life’s tiniest travelers, Lucado unpacks Psalm 23 to help viewers release the burdens they were never intended to carry, including bitterness, guilt, self-reliance, and pride. A complete listing of episodes is available at

“Max Lucado’s Traveling Light is an inspirational and powerful teaching series that is a total triumph,” wrote Edwin L. Carpenter in his review for the Dove Foundation, which awarded the educational series its highest honor of five doves. “Lucado uses Scripture to show how no one can be trouble free, but can be luggage free as they let go of the burdens of their lives and release them to God. This series truly has something for everyone.”

In addition to Traveling Light, Max Lucado has written over 80 books, including God Came Near, Resurrection, and Christmas Child which have been adapted for the screen.

Available in a six DVD set from Bridgestone Multimedia Group through the Christianbook Group, Traveling Light is currently on sale for $59.99.

Character Builders™: 8 DVD Set

Character Builders™: 8 DVD Set

Join Stevie, Nancy, The Conductor®, Benny the Bear, Herbert the Snail, and a host of other endearing characters on a series of adventures in the magical world of Agapeland. This eight DVD set includes 16 episodes, each focusing on a different Christian lesson the characters learn through charming stories and sing along songs. Modern animation brings the world of Character Builders to life while teaching children valuable traits like honesty, kindness, and patience.

Each title features two stories that illustrate the value of positive character traits and offer a modern outline for Christian parenting. A must for any family movie library or children’s educational collection, the Character Builders: 8 DVD Set is an economical and practical way to get the best in family entertainment while instilling lifelong values in children.

This set includes all eight delightful DVDs:
Obedience & Self Control
Goodness & Faith
Honesty & Responsibility
Thankfulness & Gentleness
Sharing & Kindness
Politeness & Joy
Confidence & Love
Patience & Peace