Scripture Shorts: Volume 1

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Dove Approved: All Ages

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Featuring 18 entertaining and informative lessons, Scripture Shorts: Volume 1 offers children the cartoons they love and the biblical teachings they need. Illustrating Bible verses for children, these award-winning stories are great tools for parents and children's ministry leaders as supplemental material for children's sermons, homeschooling, Sunday school, family devotions, and more.

The stories embed God's Word in children's hearts with memorable lessons on putting God first and asking God to show us our own weaknesses, rather than pointing out the faults of others. The shorts include titles like "Camel Eye," "Salt and Light," "Plank in the Eye," "The Flashlight," "Bad Gifts," and "The Big Race."

Note: Our films are not available for blanket licensing through MPLC/CVLI.

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Dove Approved: All Ages
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Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter
Runtime: 45 min.
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Dove Worldview:

This is a well made program which features lots of laughs, great animation and some solid Bible teaching along the way. I found myself laughing out loud more than once at some of these characters and situations. This DVD should find a spot in your church media library or personal library as it is worthy of that kind of respect. It is especially appropriate for kids and young teens but even those a bit older will find some amusing and interesting things to appreciate about it.

Topic range is from "The Armor of God" to "Bad Gifts" and features a kid receiving a stone instead of bread and a serpent instead of a fish, according to the story from Matthew chapter seven. The program also features a rebel who parks in handicapped parking, feeds animals despite "Do Not Feed" signs, gets close to a llama and is spit on and even has a gorilla attack him when he takes a picture of it at the zoo. The story is handled in a humorous way and yet makes a great point.

Scriptures are posted on screen like Proverbs 1:7 about fearing the Lord and from Philippians three there is a story about running a race faithfully and includes the characters "Fast Over-Confident", "Wanda Lookback", "Billy Eyesclosed" and finally "Carlos Stay the Course". The program also features the story of the great reformer Martin Luther and includes dates and detailed historical information.

How could you not like a DVD which features a pre-disciple Peter wearing an "I'd rather be fishing" button? In another humorous segment about pulling the plank out of our own eyes before pulling a speck of wood from another's eyes, the song "I can see clearly now" is sung as "I can see clearly now, the plank is gone!"

Trust me; this DVD is an ideal addition to your church library or for personal use. It makes some great points and manages to keep it entertaining along the way. Five Doves all the way for this one!

Content Description:

Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: Minor things such as a llama spitting at a kid (animated) and a gorilla chasing a young person who took a photo (again animated).
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: Several Bible passages are quoted and placed on screen; moral lessons are taught like not judging others, etc.