New Hope

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Dove Approved: 12 and over

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ISBN: 9780740327834

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Actors: Ben DaviesDodie BrownPerry FrostSamuel Davis

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New Hope

Michael Evans is forced to move to the small town of New Hope in the middle of his senior year. Thrust onto the basketball team just before the playoffs, Michael struggles to fit in, particularly with star player Lucas Green (Ben Davies, Courageous). Compounding the situation, Michael begins dating Jasmine Stone, the former girlfriend of Lucas' brother Chase, whose suicide shook the entire town to its core. Capturing the life of the modern teenager, New Hope is a powerful story that openly deals with peer pressure, alcohol, sex, relationships, and acceptance.

Directed by Rodney Ray (Flag of My Father, Desires of the Heart), New Hope follows a young man's fight to turn the other cheek, rise above his tormentor, and forgive a hurting soul. A well-crafted film with a strong Christian message, this inspiring drama reminds us that life's troubles may test our faith, but God is watching out for us every step of the way.

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Dove Approved: 12 and over
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Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter
Writer: Rodney Ray
Director: Rodney Ray
Producer: Christina Porter
Runtime: 124 min.
  • Sex
  • Language
  • Violence
  • Drugs
  • Nudity
  • Other
  • 0
  • 1
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  • 5

Dove Worldview:

This drama deals with high school pressure in a gritty, realistic way but reveals that there is always hope when we allow God to be involved in our lives. High School Senior Michael Evans doesn't like the fact his minister dad and mom move him to New Hope from Colorado. He doesn't want to try to "fit in" to a new school during, of all times, his senior year. To make matters worse, a fellow student on the basketball team, Lucas, takes a real disliking to him. Mike becomes interested in a girl named Jasmine who was Lucas' brother's old girlfriend. Lucas' brother, Chase, committed suicide and Lucas does not like seeing his brother's old girlfriend with Mike. He makes life miserable for both Mike and Jasmine. Lucas can't seem to move forward with his life and doesn't want Jasmine moving forward either.

Mike could help the basketball team but has a long way to go in learning how to be a better player. To compound things, Mike's mom and dad invite a new couple over for dinner, along with their son, and it turns out to be Chase's parents...and Lucas! Mike brings Jasmine to dinner and Lucas can't handle it.

This film features various important life themes such as grieving and moving forward, in addition to showing forgiveness and believing in someone when he/she doesn't believe. This is a powerful film and we gladly award it our Dove "Family-Approved" Seal for ages twelve plus, due to its intense themes. Join this family in hope and watch this movie soon!

Content Description:

Sex: A girl tells a young man he could stay with her at her home after her parents leave for the evening but he refuses; a girl gives a young man a condom and we later see the package is open when his mother discovers it but we learn that the couple did not have sex; a young man blows up a condom with his breath, like a balloon; kissing between a couple.
Language: G-1; Sucks-1; Idiot-1; Butt-1; Freakin-1
Violence: Two players on the same basketball team go after each other during a practice and throw some punches; a teen punches the wall in frustration; a teen punches another guy and stays on his case all the time; an angry young man buys several baseball bats and breaks them all on a tree with angry swings.
Drugs: There appears to be a few underage kids at an outside party drinking beer and a main character leaves once he sees the drinking; a photo of a couple of guys with cigars in their mouth, unlit, as they celebrate the birth of a child.
Nudity: mild cleavage.
Other: A student who had committed suicide is discussed in the film; a few teens in frustration make comments that they don't want to hear about God's plan or the Bible and a girl refers to hypocrites at church but they change; a couple receive counseling from their pastor as they are having problems since their son died; a young man becomes rude with people at the dinner table; a teen takes a step toward the edge on top of a building like he might jump but he is stopped by another teen.