Homeless for the Holidays

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Dove Approved: All Ages

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ISBN: 9780740321757

Categories: DramaInspirational

Actors: Cole BrandenbergerCrystal Dewitt-HinkleGabrielle PhillipsMatt Moore

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Homeless for the Holidays

Jack Baker was a successful marketing director on the fast track to the top of the corporate ladder. However, when a fellow employee changes a label at the pharmaceutical company, Jack is wrongfully accused and loses his job. Unable to find another executive position in a shaky economy, he eventually accepts a humiliating job flipping burgers. With his minimum wage job not making ends meet, Jack's life begins to spiral downward. First, the electricity is turned off, then his car is repossessed, and finally, the family loses their home. When they're forced to live in a tent, it becomes apparent that unless something changes, Jack, his wife, Sheryl, and their two children could lose everything by Christmas.

Homeless for the Holidays is an inspiring story about a man who hits rock bottom. Jack once held a position of high power, but now the tables are turned, and he's the one asking for help. Along the way, a homeless man teaches Jack a few lessons he will never forget. This film shows that with a little faith and perseverance, we can rise above life's trials and gain a little bit of wisdom in the process.

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Dove Approved: All Ages
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Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter
Writer: George Johnson
Director: George Johnson
Producer: George Johnson
Runtime: 112 min.
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Dove Worldview:

This is an incredible story of hitting the bottom but that perseverance can help a person get through anything. Jack Baker and his wife Cheryl and two children seemed to have an idealistic life. Jack held a high salaried position. Everyone wanted something from Jack. He had no idea that soon he would be the one seeking help.

When a fellow employee changes a label at the pharmaceutical company he works at, Jack is wrongfully accused and loses his job. He finds himself flipping burgers at the local burger joint. He soon loses everything. His electric is turned off, his car repossessed and he loses his home. There are touching moments in the movie, including when a child helps Jack out. Jack winds up living in the back of a church with his family and then in a tent. Along the way he and his family help a homeless man out at Christmas time and Jack learns some lessons he will never forget. We won't give the ending away but it is worth it to watch to see what happens.

This may not hold the interest of very young viewers, but we gladly award our Dove "Family-Approved" Seal to this movie for everyone. It will make you feel good in the end, even if it is not viewed during the holidays!

Content Description:

Sex: Husband and wife hug.
Language: None
Violence: None
Drugs: A man changes a label at a pharmaceutical company.
Nudity: None
Other: The hardship of losing a job and being homeless.