Davey and Goliath: The Complete Collection

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Dove Family-Approved : All Ages

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Davey and Goliath: The Complete Series

Give your child the gift of growing up with Davey and Goliath with this commemorative collection of one of television's most cherished children's series! Starring young Davey Hansen and his talking dog, Goliath, this complete 12 DVD set contains over 19 hours of moral adventures that have been expertly re-mastered for the show's 50th anniversary. Along with six seasonal specials for summer, Easter, New Year's, Halloween, Christmas, and back to school, the complete series features 65 other classic episodes, including ten previously lost episodes.

Enjoyed around the world throughout its 1960-1975 television run, this stop-motion series was animated by Gumby creator Art Clokey and produced through the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America. Awarded the Dove Foundation's Family-Approval seal for all ages, Davey and Goliath remains an inspiring alternative to other children's programming even half a century later.

Episode List:

Volume 1
"Lost in a Cave," "Stranded on an Island," "The Wild Goat"
"The Winner," "The New Skates," "Cousin Barney"

Volume 2
"The Kite," "The Mechanical Man," "All Alone"
"The Time Machine," "One the Line," "The Polka Dot Tie"

Volume 3
"The Silver Mine," "The Sudden Storm," "Pilgrim Boy"
"Ten Pin Alley," "Bell Ringer," "Boy Lost"

Volume 4
"Officer Bob," "The Runaway," "Not for Sale"
"The Shoemaker," "The Parade," "The Dog Show"

Volume 5
"Down on the Farm," "Man of the House," "The Waterfall"
"Happy Landing," "Editor-In-Chief," "Bully up a Tree"

Volume 6
"Big Apple," "The Bridge," "The Jickets"
"The Lemonade Stand," "Hocus Pocus," "Good Neighbor"

Volume 7
"A Dillar, a Dollar," "Jeep in the Deep," "Rags and Buttons"
"Who Me?," "The Stopped Clock," "To the Rescue" (30-minute special)

Volume 8
"If at First You Don't Succeed," "Kookaburra,""Finders Keepers"
"The Caretakers," "The Hard Way," "Halloween Who-Dun-It" (30-minute special)

Volume 9
"Blind Man's Bluff," "The Greatest," "Rickety-Rackety"
"Boy in Trouble," "Help!," "Christmas Lost and Found" (30-minute special)

Volume 10
"Louder Please," "The Zillion Dollar Combo," "Upside Down and Backwards"
"Six-Seven-Six-Three," "Who's George?," "New Year Promise" (30-minute special)

Volume 11
"What's His Name," "Chicken," "Kum Ba Yah"
"Ready or Not," "Pieces of Eight," "Happy Easter" (30-minute special)

Volume 12
"The Watchdogs," "Come, Come to the Fair," "The Doghouse Dream House"
"The Good Bad Luck," "School...Who Needs It?" (30-minute special)

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Dove Family-Approved : All Ages
Read the Review
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe
Writer: Art Clokey, Ruth Clokey Goodell
Producer: Art Clokey, Ruth Clokey Goodell
Runtime: 1080 min.
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Dove Worldview:

This is an inspirational set with great special effects (especially for its time) and children will be delighted by the characters in this wonderful DVD set.

Watching this DVD collection brought back memories of when I was a kid. Davey and Goliath are enduring pop culture icons. The stories are still timeless because children today still have the same things happening in their lives. The morals that these stories instill in children are still very important. This is a great DVD set and its lessons are timeless for children of the past, present, and future. There are twelve volumes featuring several episodes in each volume in this remarkable set.

Many generations have and will grow up with this lovable duo. As in all of Davey and Goliath stories there is something for everyone. This collection shows the importance of volunteering, helping others and sharing. Along with these topics is a message of how we need to take the time to look around us and see what God has made and take care of it. This is a wonderful wholesome entertainment product with inspirational faith-based messages for the entire family. They contain a valuable lesson in each volume and how God has a part in everyone's life. This is a timeless and entertaining collection that has taught Christian values for many generations.

A few of the titles are "Learning about forgiveness" and "Helping Each Other". We are more than happy to award our Dove "Family-Approved" Seal to this wonderful and remarkable set. Watch the episodes with your kids and take advantage of teaching moments while they are entertained.

Content Description:

Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: None
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: None