America's Godly Heritage

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Dove Approved: All Ages

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Actors: David Barton

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Discover the Founding Fathers' intentions for the role of religion in education, government, and public affairs. Plus, glimpse excerpts from court cases proving that for 160 years, Christian principles were part of official American public life. America's Godly Heritage also reveals statistics that show what has happened to America since the courts began rejecting the beliefs of patriots like George Washington, John Adams, John Jay, Thomas Jefferson, James Wilson, George Mason, and John Quincy Adams.

Hosted by renowned Christian historian David Barton, this 95-minute documentary is an inspiring introduction to what the Founding Fathers intended for America and solutions to returning the nation to its guiding philosophy. This DVD can be purchased individually or as part of The American Heritage Collection: Seven DVD Set.

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Dove Approved: All Ages
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Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter
Runtime: 95 min.
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Dove Worldview:

This is an impressive DVD and every family in America should watch this documentary together! Narrator and historian David Barton speaks with the voice of learning as he shares just how strongly our founding fathers believed in the Holy Bible and in being morally responsible and accountable to God through Christ. He gives interesting details such as the reason the Liberty Bell is so named due to an inscription on it from Leviticus 25:10, which says, "Proclaim liberty throughout the land, to the inhabitants thereof."

He supports his claims with quotations from George Washington, Patrick Henry, John Adams, Ben Franklin and others. The camera takes us to Christ Church and we see the pews which Franklin and Washington sat in while attending there. Rev Duche' opened the first session of Congress in prayer and it was said, "It was a prayer worth riding a hundred miles to hear." How often do we hear comments like that these days?

This documentary is filled with facts, several that I did not know, including that Congress approved the printing of the first English language Bible. Barton points out too that many of our founding fathers attended universities and colleges which would today be considered Bible colleges and seminaries. This history-filled documentary makes it clear that the Bible was a book which earned more respect in past years in our government than it does today. Statistics are given which show divorce rates and other family issues skyrocketing since new interpretations of the Constitution and First Amendment have attempted to stifle the Bible's influence in our country. We cannot recommend this DVD strongly enough. We are happy to award it five Doves, our top rating. Watching this DVD may inspire the viewer to hope for another "Great Awakening" for our nation.

Content Description:

Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: A few scenes of rifles and guns being fired, men shooting at each other in battle but there aren't any graphic scenes.
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: The Bible and prayer are spoken of in several inspiring scenes and the results of our nation neglecting its power in today's world.