All for Liberty

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Dove Approved: 12 and over

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ISBN: 9780740328329

Categories: Adventure, Closed Captioning, Drama, Educational, Inspirational

Actors: Chris Weatherhead, Clarence Felder, David Reed, Michael Easler, Robert Gorman, Trevor Erickson

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All for Liberty

Based on a previously untold story, All for Liberty depicts the true events of Captain Henry Felder, a backcountry hero of the American Revolution. A Swiss-German immigrant farmer in Orangeburg, South Carolina, Felder is convinced to respond to British tyranny by writing an Articles of Separation from the English king and raising his own militia, including a female tavern owner who gathers a patriot spy ring.

In the ensuing struggle against the British Empire and community loyalists, including his old comrade, Bill Jenkins, Felder and his family find the cost of freedom. A multi-award winning independent feature film, All for Liberty stars film and TV actor Clarence Felder, the sixth-generation great-grandson of Captain Henry Felder.

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Dove Approved: 12 and over
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Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter
Writer: Chris Weatherhead and Ron Mangravite
Director: Chris Weatherhead
Producer: Clarence Felder, Ron Mangravite and Chris Weatherh
Runtime: 80 min.
  • Sex
  • Language
  • Violence
  • Drugs
  • Nudity
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Dove Worldview:

Here we have re-enactments about the time frame of 1775 to approximately 1780 and the difference people such as Henry Felder made in helping purchase our freedom as a country. Played wonderfully by Clarence Felder, Henry Felder was a Swiss brought to this country to help fight Indians. His wife is vividly and well played by Chris Weatherhead and her character's name is Catherine. She is a spunky woman with a lot of love and together they had many children, some of whom fought in the pending war with their father. Felder is portrayed as a man who was against slavery and indeed helps out a black man who is being persecuted in the story. He is a man with a twinkle in his eye but is dead serious when it comes to his convictions about freedom. At one point in the film he declares, "It's liberty or the hangman's noose!"

Felder is called on to write a Declaration of Separation from the king because he is told he is the man to do it, due to his integrity and convictions. Although this is a film based on historically true events, including fighting for freedom, it should be noted that the violence level hits a two, and came close to being a three, which would have prevented us from awarding our Dove Seal to it. There are several cutaway scenes of people being stabbed and shot, with some grunting sounds along the way from the victims, but there are some scenes which do briefly feature some blood on a shirt or hands or neck. I don't believe it is gratuitous but potential viewers should be aware that it is there. It is definitely not recommended for those even the least bit squeamish when it comes to blood. On the positive side, we learn where the title, "All for Liberty" comes from, and this is a movie which will leave you feeling good about America's hard-fought independence. We award our Dove "Family-Approved" Seal to the movie for ages twelve plus.

Content Description:

Sex: Husband and wife kiss.
Language: H-3; D-2; "Dog"-1; G/OMG-2; "Good God"-1
Violence: A soldier slaps a woman; blood is seen on a rock; several people are stabbed and shot with some blood being seen on clothes, neck and hands; some deaths; soldiers set houses on fire; cannons are fired; a hatchet is used and is used in another scene in a sword fight.
Drugs: Several tavern scenes and some drinking; a comment that the "first keg's on me"; some wine is served at a meeting.
Nudity: None
Other: Faith in God is portrayed and a comment of "God be with you"; death and grief; a man is paid to be an informant.

Customer Reviews

Excellent Movie

During the American Revolution, we're taken on a journey of love, hatred, camaraderie, and war. Henry Felder's fight in South Carolina is an amazing true story about his courage and standing up for liberty. This is one of the best war movies I have seen because it doesn't glamorize anything. All for Liberty gives us what really happened and facts along the way. I recommend All for Liberty to anyone who wants to see a great journey to freedom. My favorite quote from it is: "Sometimes only one man standing up for what is right is sufficient to alter a wrongful deed." Very true.
Mariah B., South Carolina
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Historically Accurate

All for Liberty is an outstanding example of what independent film producers can do...a beautifully photographed, historically accurate and emotionally moving tribute to America's first "civil war": the often-overlooked conflict in the South Carolina backcountry during the American Revolution.
- Michael C. Scoggins, Author and Research Director, Southern Revolutionary War Institute
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Compelling and Powerful

All for Liberty is important for all Americans to see, so they can truly understand the price of freedom. This movie is so compelling and so powerful that it will, in fact, change lives.
- Pete O'Shea, talk show host, WTIS AM, Tampa, Fla.
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A Passionately Moving Work

All for Liberty is a passionately moving work about the cost of liberty! The main character, Henry Felder, said it best: "If we do not fight oppression, we bequeath it to our families.
Debbie G. Brownfield, Christian educator, author, and public speaker (read more)

A Moving and Inspiring Story

Never has our nation been in such need of remembering the heights of courage our ancestors rose to in the quest for freedom. All for Liberty is the moving and inspiring story of a man and his family who fought in the American War for Independence.
Jim W., South Carolina
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A must-see for Christians

All for Liberty is a must-see for Christians living in these times to see what a difference one person can make in standing up for freedom and righteousness and the price paid by our forefathers to purchase our freedom!
Lani H., South Carolina
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Christian Values Prevail

Christian values prevail in All for Liberty. Henry Felder's heroism during the American Revolution makes you want to stand up and shout "God Bless America!"
Terry Ward Tucker, Novelist

A realistic portrayal

All for Liberty is a realistic portrayal of the American spirit, which is so connected with Christian values of which our patriot founders were guided in their quest for independence.
Douglas Doster, Past President, S.C. Society Sons of the American Revolution (read more)

A Great Way to Remind Us

This film is such a great way to remind us freedom is a never-ending struggle that always includes real-life heroes, enemies of liberty, and the families that pay the price.
Patricia G., South Carolina (read more)

All Christian Sould See This Movie

All Christians should see this uplifting movie, so they can see through faith in God and a willingness to sacrifice all, ordinary people are able to do extraordinary things.
Charles R., South Carolina (read more)

The Whole Family Can Enjoy

All for Liberty draws us into the Revolutionary War of our forefathers and mothers who sacrificed for us...It's an excellent, historically accurate, adventure-filled film, one the whole family cann enjoy. One can only pray for more movies like it!
Susan F. Craft, author, The Chamomile, winner of the SIBA Fall 2011 Okra Pick
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The Spirit of America Lives

The spirit of America lives and breathes in this captivating film...every Christian and patriot should see. It brings our heritage of God and country to the forefront where it belongs.
Reverend Chris Horne, The Christian Nation Online (read more)


All for Liberty is a dynamic portrayal of the courage, commitment, and sacrifice of our forefathers to ensure God-given freedoms and values would prevail.
Myron H., South Carolina

A rare, wonderful film

This rare, wonderful film needs to be seen by all Christian families to know what great sacrifices were made for freedom and liberty and to create our nation."
Norma H., Ohio

Every American should see this film

Rarely does a movie bring forth true values and sacrifices that made America great and free. All For Liberty does that and makes me proud of my American heritage. Every American should see this film as a reminder that freedom does not come free!
Buck Carlton, CAPT US NAVY (Ret)
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A great movie!

All for Liberty really portrayed some essential military history of the USA. I think every other military person would enjoy it, too.
Steve Lunsford, Sergeant Scout/Sniper, 3rd Battalion 2nd Marines, Camp LeJuene, NC (read more)

So impressed

We were so impressed with the quality of the movie. It was great learning about the unknown hero, Henry Felder. I highly recommend this film to everyone, especially to members of the military!
Marilyn White, wife of Josh White - Chaplain, 1/178th FA, SC Army National Guard.
(read more)

I really enjoyed it

All for Liberty reminded me of sacrifices our ancestors made for our country. It makes me proud to stand in a long line of Americans who chose to fight for the rights and liberties of others. Thank you for illustrating what a great heritage we have.
Ch (Cpt) Josh White - Chaplain, 1/178th FA, SC Army National Guard
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WOW, Bravo, Awesome...HOOAH! I'm so impressed. It looks and sounds fantastic! I was so into it from the beginning to end. On every level, it's a tight, enticing and entertaining film. Good plot, characters, great visuals and sound, excellent acting and all the historical aspects so real and accurate!
LT. Col. F. Lee Reynolds, 222nd Broadcast Operations Detachment from Los Angeles, CA, in Iraq, part of American Forces Network
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Blown Away

I was blown away - so professional and well done. Thank God for people like you who set the record straight.
Charles Early, Author and Tea Party Patriot

Thoroughly convincing

All for Liberty proves studios are not necessary to produce entertaining and enlightening movies for commercial consumption. The acting was as fine as any.
John Colbert,


Wow - I saw so many parallels to the problems of today! This amazing movie will inspire you and entertain you, but best of all, it will prepare you for the months and years ahead.
Jean Carlton, Educator, 9/12 & Tea Party Patriot (read more)

Historically accurate

All for Liberty is an outstanding example of what independent film producers can do in a medium dominated by multimillion dollar blockbusters and special effects. It is beautifully photographed, historically accurate, and emotionally moving.
Michael C. Scoggins, Author & Director, Southern Revolutionary War Institute
(read more)

A real jewel...beautifully shot

All for Liberty tells a true story of inspiring adventure and unique heroism that is of universal appeal to anyone, anywhere in the world."
Urs T. Brunner, CEO, Angel & Bear Productions, Bangkok, Thailand (read more)

Far from being just for history buffs

Clarence Felder is a heroic figure of the American Revolution, but far from being just for history buffs, this is a great film, period.
Jack Hunter, National Columnist

Captures the Spirit of Those Who Fought

All for Liberty captures the rugged individualism and indomitable spirit of those who fought for America's Independence. We must fight to preserve the freedom we inherited from them.
John Steinberger, National & SC FairTax Activist (read more)

A Genuine Revolutionary War Hero

Clarence Felder majestically portrays his valiant German-Swiss ancestor with charismatic chemistryOutstanding sound by Jeffrey Stern and music by Anthony DeRitiscaptured all battle scenes with professional perfection.
Sandy Katz, Free-lance Entertainment Journalist, South Carolina
(read more)

An extraordinary and moving film

I highly recommend everyone watch this inspiring movie.
Mark Meckler, Co-Founder / National Tea Party Patriots

Beautifully filmed...realistic action

All for Liberty is a reminder of how easy it is for freedom to be lost. It depicts what we must constantly defend. The American Revolution is still feared by oppressors worldwide...this excellent film has something for everyone. Christ died for us. So did thousands of American Patriots creating the land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.
Hugh Harrington, free-lance film critic, Georgia
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