Davey & Goliath – Volume 1

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Lost in a Cave: Davey remembers being separated from his family while they toured a cave. But like Jesus going after a lost sheep, the family’s tour guide rescued Davey. Stranded on an Island: When the tide turns, Davey, Sally, and Goliath are stranded on an island. The Wild Goat: Davey and Goliath rescue a wild goat that was trapped under a heavy tree branch The Winner: (An all-time favorite) – Jealous and envious of his friend Mike, Davey enters a soap box derby The New Skates: Disobeying his mother, Davey skates on thin ice and falls through. Thankfully, Goliath is there to rescue him. Lost Episode: Cousin Barney: Davey is amazed that his father continues to show affection to Barney, Davey’s annoying young cousin who has come for a visit.