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Long-Distance Princess Offers Humor and Lessons for Teens

(Rock Rapids, IA) – A romantic comedy about friendship and forgiveness, Long-Distance Princess is now available on DVD from Bridgestone Multimedia Group.

Lisa (Alicen Evans), a high school sophomore, has been hiding her hopeless crush on Todd (Parker Harris), the irresistibly likable junior in her art class. She stumbles upon the opportunity of a lifetime when Todd sees a picture of her beautiful friend Ellie, who lives in England, and asks for Lisa’s help in getting to know her through social media.

However, just as Lisa and Todd start to see each other, Todd’s suddenly jealous ex-girlfriend, Cindy, tries to win him back. Meanwhile, Todd’s image-conscious friends try to discourage him from seeing Lisa before he even gets to know her, and Lisa’s Christian friend, Theo, reminds her of the importance of telling the truth.

In an interview with for Beliefnet, Director Lionel Chew told “Movie Mom” Nell Minow that he wanted to make a positive and affirming movie for teens.

“I purposed to make a movie that showed that someone cares about them and their struggles and that ethics and convictions are still powerfully relevant,” Chew said. “I also wanted to let them know there’s real hope.”

Awarded the Dove Foundation’s Faith-Friendly Seal for viewers 12 and older, Long-Distance Princess also stars Justin Price, Bennet Jaffarian, and David Oakes. The film is now on sale for $14.99 from Bridgestone Multimedia Group through the Christianbook Group.