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Crimes and Mister Meanors Is Fun Family Adventure

(Rock Rapids, IA) – A fun family adventure produced by Creekside Films, Crimes and Mister Meanors is a now available on DVD from Bridgestone Multimedia Group.

The plot centers on Jake Harvard, a 13-year-old boy who is less than thrilled when he learns he has to spend the summer in suburban Washington, D.C., with his uncle Benny, an unmotivated, middle-aged detective. On his way to Uncle Benny’s office during his first day in the nation’s capital, Jake befriends an inquisitive young girl named Kat Adams who has a passion for American history and God-given freedoms. When Uncle Benny turns away a distraught client named Lola Meanors who needs help finding her missing husband, Jake and Kat hold their own secret investigation to help solve the case.

The two quickly find themselves in the middle of a major conspiracy that has claimed the lives of several scientists at a secret government facility and threatens to end theirs as well. In their quest to find out what happened to Mister Meanors, a climactic face-off at one of Washington’s oldest landmarks gives the pair a glimpse into what made America’s founders so great and helps them realize that one decision can change the course of history.

Crimes and Mister Meanors is the second feature-length movie from Creekside Films, an independent production company based in McDonough, Georgia. Their first film, The Solomon Bunch, tells the story of story of 5 kids who study Solomon in the Bible to learn as much as they can as children to avoid making mistakes as adults.

Starring Logan Burton, Cassady McClincy, Allen O’Reilly, Ashley LeConte Campbell, and Alpha Trivette, Crimes and Mister Meanors is now on sale for $9.99 from BMG through the Christianbook Group.