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An Innocent Man Struggles to Heal after Prison in Mr. What

(Rock Rapids, IA) – An innocent man struggles to find healing and peace after he’s released from prison in Mr. What, a new five-Dove film available from Bridgestone Multimedia Group.

Named for the question Mattiesko Wuopio gets every time he says his name, Mr. What (Alan Maki) has spent 22 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. Upon apprehension of the true culprit, he’s released, only to face harassment and the jailbird stigma as he attempts to re-enter society in tiny Tecumseh, Michigan.

Meanwhile, Mr. What seeks redemption through his ailing father, who is beset with Alzheimer’s disease, a neighbor boy without friends or a father who cares, and a stray dog. In the end, a miracle proves that God is never far out of reach for those in need of a little healing.

“Because of a blessing received by Mr. What, those around him with needs have them taken care of in miraculous ways,” wrote Edwin L. Carpenter in his review for the Dove Foundation. “Alan Maki gives an inspiring performance. Mr. What is a film that will make you feel great and make you glad you watched it.”

Also starring Mikah Scott Carter, Pete Dermyer, Shaylan J. Hall, John Birchfield, Bob Riddle, Susan Craig, and Abigail Carter, Mr. What is currently on sale for $14.99 from Bridgestone Multimedia Group through the Christianbook Group.

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Long-Distance Princess Offers Humor and Lessons for Teens

(Rock Rapids, IA) – A romantic comedy about friendship and forgiveness, Long-Distance Princess is now available on DVD from Bridgestone Multimedia Group.

Lisa (Alicen Evans), a high school sophomore, has been hiding her hopeless crush on Todd (Parker Harris), the irresistibly likable junior in her art class. She stumbles upon the opportunity of a lifetime when Todd sees a picture of her beautiful friend Ellie, who lives in England, and asks for Lisa’s help in getting to know her through social media.

However, just as Lisa and Todd start to see each other, Todd’s suddenly jealous ex-girlfriend, Cindy, tries to win him back. Meanwhile, Todd’s image-conscious friends try to discourage him from seeing Lisa before he even gets to know her, and Lisa’s Christian friend, Theo, reminds her of the importance of telling the truth.

In an interview with for Beliefnet, Director Lionel Chew told “Movie Mom” Nell Minow that he wanted to make a positive and affirming movie for teens.

“I purposed to make a movie that showed that someone cares about them and their struggles and that ethics and convictions are still powerfully relevant,” Chew said. “I also wanted to let them know there’s real hope.”

Awarded the Dove Foundation’s Faith-Friendly Seal for viewers 12 and older, Long-Distance Princess also stars Justin Price, Bennet Jaffarian, and David Oakes. The film is now on sale for $14.99 from Bridgestone Multimedia Group through the Christianbook Group.

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Santa’s Helpers Embark on a Mission in Summertime Christmas

(Rock Rapids, IA) – A child teaches Santa’s helpers the true meaning of Christmas in the new family film Summertime Christmas, now available on DVD from Bridgestone Multimedia Group.

Two of Santa’s elves, Elwood and Nora, are vacationing in small-town USA when they receive an urgent transmission from the North Pole about a new law that forbids adults from disciplining children. This sudden lack of consequences for kids has led to a worldwide epidemic of bad behavior, and it’s up to Elwood and Nora to stop it.

With the help of young Jessica, the elves set out to transform the wayward children from naughty to nice and rid the small town of an economic depression. As their friendship with the Christian girl blossoms, they discover the limits of their magic, the true meaning of Christmas, and the joy of helping others.

“The spirit of this program and its moral theme is exemplary,” said Dove Foundation reviewer Edwin L. Carpenter. “We are more than pleased to award our Dove Seal to this DVD for all ages as a family-friendly film.”

Directed by Andrew von Ehrenkrook and starring Josh Roy, Monica Eder, Kera O’Bryon, Dean Denton, and Savanah Howard, Summertime Christmas is now on sale for $14.99 from Bridgestone Multimedia Group through the Christianbook Group.

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Lazer Us: The Legend of Jimi Lazer Heralded as Unique and Original

(Rock Rapids, IA) – A rock star makes a promise that changes his life forever in Lazer Us: The Legend of Jimi Lazer, now available on DVD from Bridgestone Multimedia Group.

Jimi Lazer (Robbie Beniuk) is the leader of a Christian rock band named Lazer Us, but on the night of a major gig, he disappears. Rather than waiting to be discovered, Jimi makes a dangerous deal for a guitar that promises to make all of his wildest dreams come true. Now, twenty-seven years later, his old manager named Freedom (Patrick Mitchell) finally tracks him down and convinces him to find the hidden pieces of his guitar, reconcile with his band members, and return to The Moose concert venue, where he abandoned them.

Full of action, mystery, and suspense, Lazer Us encourages audiences to ask themselves, “Who are you going to be when your dreams don’t come true?”

Director Mann Munoz’s movie earned Best Film in the adventure category at the Manhattan Film Festival and the Dove Foundation’s Family-Approved Seal for ages 12 and older.

“This is a very unique and original movie filmed in a style that could only be called a ‘moving graphic novel,'” wrote Dove reviewer Edwin L. Carpenter. “The theme is that Jesus was and is the sacrifice for man’s sins.”

Co-starring Amy Landon, Elijah Black, Robert Tanos, Tanya Lynne, and Christopher Elliott, Lazer Us: The Legend of Jimi Lazer is now on sale for $14.99 from Bridgestone Multimedia Group through the Christianbook Group.