About Bridgestone Multimedia Group

Bridgestone Multimedia Group (BMG) is a leading Christian media provider, offering family and faith-based entertainment products that inspire and spread the message of hope.

Our selection includes hundreds of titles that range from dramas and comedies to children's videos and music, documentaries, fitness workouts, adventures, and educational videos.

Who We Are

Formed in the early 1990s, BMG is an operating division of Glynlyon®, Inc., a Christian company that serves customers worldwide with quality, faith-based educational and entertainment products.

The foundation for our company began in the mid-1980s as Omega Entertainment under the leadership of businessman Robert Campbell. Over time, Omega increased its repertoire of video and music productions before joining forces with Bill Lanphear's Epyx®, Inc. to form BMG.

With offices in Chandler, Arizona, Rock Rapids, Iowa, and Grand Rapids, Michigan, BMG is led by David Austin, the Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Product Acquisitions. With years of experience in Christian media, David boasts an extensive knowledge of the home entertainment business and has a passion for faith-based and inspirational entertainment.

Our Philosophy

BMG is dedicated to inspiring, educating, enlightening, and entertaining families and children through the production and distribution of high quality, faith-based entertainment products. By treating our customers with the Christian values of respect, honesty, and integrity, we ensure our customers receive excellent service and outstanding value.

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