Inspire. Educate. Encourage. Enlighten. Entertain.

Bridgestone Multimedia Group is a producer and distributor of family-friendly, faith-based films that inspire and spread the message of hope.

At BMG, we are dedicated to inspiring, educating, encouraging, enlightening, and entertaining families through the development, production, and distribution of high quality faith-based entertainment products, including feature films, documentaries, and children’s videos.

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  1. Helping out 2 veterans looking for distribution—

    “The Unknowns” is a documentary film created by Army Veterans Neal Schrodetzki and Ethan Morse. Both were stationed at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery, and bring a unique perspective to the rigorous and intricate training process that soldiers must endure to be stationed there.
    The goal of the film is to provide a clear and concise look at the real lives of the soldiers that protect our nations most honorable memorial.

    1. Good morning Mark,
      David Austin actually handles all of our acquisitions. He can be reached at daustin@gobmg.com
      Thank you!

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